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DELOPT raises the performance bar with the release of RoboVision3D+1.


RV3D+1 - Master

Master device uses 3D vision technology and offers unparalleled counting accuracy. Apart from its high accuracy counting feature (of 98%≥ in indoor installations), RV3D+ counts in any ambient lighting scenarios, differentiates adults, children and group shopping behaviour. All these features make it the Retailer's best choice for actionable reports.

RV3D+1 - Slave

Slave unit compliments in combination with Master device to enhance coverage of counting area. Fully dependent on the master unit, the combination optimizes investment cost substantially.

Salient Features
  1. High accuracy counting.
  2. 3D Vision Technology.
  3. Embedded box pre-installed with RV3D People Traffic Analysis Suite.
  4. A Complete counting solution.

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