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The Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) accepts video signal from a surveillance camera as input, tracks and provides the location of the chosen object with respect to the centre of Field of View of the camera as output. The AVT can be used to track static or moving objects from a static or moving platform. By interfacing AVT with a camera on a pan tilt platform, it is possible to continuously follow a moving object.


Video Tracker is implemented using state of the art multi core DSP to handle video frame grabbing and image processing tasks to achieve real time performance. Well known and proven tracking algorithms such as Correlation, Edge and Centroid algorithms with proprietary logic to handle obscuration have been used. The operator has the option to choose any one of the three algorithms depending on the scene, and can switch from one to the other in real-time during auto-tracking.

  1. Supports 1 channel of analog video (PAL or NTSC)
  2. Multiple tracking algorithms: Correlation, Centroid or Edge
  3. Algorithm switching capability in Real time
  4. Provision for Coasting during target obscuration
  5. Supports Data Annotation on the output video
  6. Supports two video outputs for display and video recording
  7. Provision for RS232 serial communication for external interface
  8. Provision for Inbuilt PID & Compensation filters in software

  1. Long Range Surveillance
  2. Real-Time Target Tracking of Ground, Surface, Airborne targets
  3. Weapon System Evaluation
  4. Trajectory Analysis
  5. Law Enforcement
  6. Intruder Tracking & Identification

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